Postal 2: A Week In Paradise

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Postal 2: A Week In Paradise

Original game Postal 2
Developer(s) Resurrection Studios
Platform(s) PC
Genre(s) First-person shooter
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer

Postal 2: A Week In Paradise (aka "AWP" or "AW7") is a mod for the PC game Postal 2. AW7 can be downloaded free of charge, but it requires Postal 2 and the expansion Apocalypse Weekend. AW7 is also included in the Postal Fudge Pack.


[edit] Cheats

[1] The cheat codes can be entered either in the console or in the "type" zone. The access key of both can be customized in the menu Options → Controls → Miscellaneous (default values: TAB for type; [~] for the console).

[edit] Enabling the cheats

The cheat codes can either be unlocked by finishing the game and performing certain deeds, or by using the following codes.
  • ImACheatingCheaterWhoCheats: Allows the use of cheat codes.
  • GottaBeFuckingKidding: Unlocks all cheat codes.

[edit] Basic cheats

These codes get unlocked after finishing AW7 once.
  • Sup: Displays current game statistics (number of kills, etc.)
  • MeowMix: Gives you lots of dervish cats
  • Armory: Gives you most of the weapons in the game.
  • BaleSomeHay: Gives you a pitchfork.
  • RapeStick: Gives you a Spiked Baton
  • AmmoWhore: Gives 9999 ammo on all weapons
  • CrackAddict: Gives you lots of "health" pipes
  • PutYourWeedInHere: Gives you lots of [email protected] Weed
  • Kamek0wnzj00: Grants all weapons, max ammo, and full health
  • Curaga: Restores health to full
  • IWant: Gives you a specific item (sample usage: IWant Inventory.CrackInv)
  • PlayaHata: Bystanders hate you (persists between levels)
  • Anarchist: Removes all police officers and military from the current level
  • GonorrheaChaChaCha: Gives or heal Gonorrhea (toggles)
  • SuperMario: Lets you jump as high as Super Mario (current level only)
  • Domino: Gives you lots of pizza
  • JerkInYourBox: Gives you lots of fast food bags
  • MoonMan: Toggles Low Gravity (current level only)

[edit] Unlocked cheats

These codes are unlocked by performing certain deeds in the game. Note that these cheats can be unlocked even if you are cheating to accomplish the deeds.
  • DogLover: Spawns a dog helper at your current location. Beat game with no dogs killed to unlock.
  • CopKilla: Makes bystanders randomly attack the police. Persists between levels. Beat game with no cops killed to unlock.
  • Charismatic: Bystanders love you. Persists between levels. Beat game with no innocents killed to unlock.
  • SonicBoom: Lets you run as fast as Sonic the Hedgehog. Current level only. Beat game under 2 hours to unlock.
  • TheQuick: Makes all your weapons fire ten times as fast as normal. Persists between levels, but only works on the weapons you have when the cheat is entered. Beat game under 2 hours to unlock.
  • UnQuick: Turns off the effects of TheQuick. Beat game under 2 hours to unlock.

[edit] Final cheats

These cheats can be accessed only after all of the Unlocked Cheats have been unlocked.
  • IFeelFree: Toggles noclipping/ghost mode
  • LikeABirdy: Toggles free flight mode
  • AllahMode: Toggles god mode
  • GhostTown: Removes all pawns from the current level
  • Bullet: Toggles bullet time! Best used when bound to a key. Edit your user.ini file to bind Bullet to a key. The patch will allow you to bind Bullet to a key when bullet time is unlocked.

[edit] Console-unlocked cheats

Due to a bug, the following cheats have to be unlocked using the console.
  • set AWGameSP MultCast 6 unlocks:
    • LimbSnapper: When you make a headshot with the flying sledgehammer, you will sometimes see a funny slow-motion sequence.
    • HulkSmash: Lets you throw an unlimited number of sledgehammers. (current level only)
  • set AWGameSP FinStop 24 unlocks:
    • ReaperOfLove: Lets you throw an unlimited number of scythes.
  • set AWGameSP Tunneling 24 unlocks:
    • Bladey: Lets you throw an unlimited number of machetes/katanas.

[edit] Hidden cheats

Some of the above-mentioned cheats are made available in the game menu when unlocked. The following cheats, however, don't appear in the menu.
  • Heat: Toggles thermal vision.
  • MightyFoot: Grants you a super-powerful foot of kicking death.
  • FastRockets: Speeds up rockets (stacks).
  • SlowRockets: Slows down rockets (stacks).
  • QuickHealth2: Like the QuickHealth button, but this one uses up non-addictive health (pizzas, donuts, etc) first.
  • WallHack: Toggles wallhack (you see people through walls).

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[edit] References

  1. Cheats for AWP, Resurrection Studios forums
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