SimCity 2000

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SimCity 2000
SimCity 2000 front cover.jpgSimCity 2000 back cover.jpg
Developer(s) Maxis
Full Fat (GBA)
Publisher(s) Maxis, Electronic Arts
DSI Games/Zoo Digital (GBA)
Designer(s) Will Wright, Fred Haslam
Series SimCity
Platform(s) Mac OS, DOS
Ports and special editions on: SNES, Sega Saturn, PlayStation, N64, GBA, PSP (via PSN), PlayStation 3 (via PSN)
Release date 1993 (PC)
1995 (SNES)(Saturn)
1996 (PlayStation)
1998 (N64)
2003 (GBA)
2008 (PSN)
Genre(s) Simulation, city-building
Mode(s) Single player
Rating(s) ESRB: E (Everyone)
PEGI: 3+
Media 3½-inch floppy disks
Compact Disc, Digital Distribution PSN
System requirements CPU 486 33 MHz, 20MB hard disk space
Input methods Keyboard and mouse

SimCity 2000 (SC2K) is a simulation/city building computer game and the second installment in the SimCity series. SimCity 2000 was first released by Maxis in 1993 for computers running the Apple Macintosh and DOS operating systems. It was later re-released on a number of different platforms. In 1995, SimCity 2000 won "Best Military or Strategy Computer Game" Origins Award.


System requirements

Minimum system requirements

  • OS: MS-DOS 5.0+/Windows 3.1/95
  • Processor: 33 MHz
  • RAM: 8 MiB
  • Hard drive:
  • Video memory: SVGA 256 colors, 512K
  • Sound card: Windows compatible
  • DirectX:
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • CD/DVD ROM drive

Cheat codes

Code Result
CASS Gain $400
BUDDAMUS $500,000 dollars
IMACHEAT $500,000 dollars
FUND Issues a 25% bond
MRSOLEARY Starts a fire
NOAH Starts a flood
SODOM Starts a fire storm
GOMORRAH Nuclear meltdown
MOSES Stops a flood
JOKE Weird picture


Easy Money without Cheating

Make sure your population is over 300,000, then build 100 churches in your city.

Good Clean Arcos

To lower the crime rate and raise the land value in your arcologies, simply build police staations and parks nearby. Also be sure to add power and water.

Fund bug

Another well known trick is the FUND bug. Start a new city but before you do anything, type FUND. The banker will ask you if you want a bond at a 25% rate. Say Yes. Now type FUND again, and get another 25% bond. Now go to your budget window, click on bonds, and issue another bond. The new bond will have a rate of .%. percent, which is where the bug in the program is. This bug will give you $1.5 million every January 1st.

Dancing Arcology

Run the Urban Renewal Kit and type vaudeville.

Millatry Base

Type in gilmartin and a message will come up and ask you if you want to accept a millatry base in your city. (it will not grow)

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