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About me

Well hello there dear visitor, my name is Yarry and I'm 18 (or so) years old.
I'm currently attending a secondary technical school, department EDP. (link to the school)

1st class
2nd class
3rd class
4th class
>>final class<<

So yeah, I'll try to submit some more articles/pictures of newer releases or fix some older articles/complete series and apply redirections to other wikis if I happen to have some more free time once in a while.

Help page

currently working on :Help page (gonna continue that when I get some time.)

(unofficial) banner work

Old Banner New Banner (outdated)
old wiki4games

this one is made in Paint.NET, even without any layers >.<
the original logo was used on this one
fonts used in it: Pricedown.ttf

new wiki4games

made in Photoshop, with layers
this one was a self made logo
fonts: Pricedown.ttf,Myrad Pro.ttf (the "G" of "Games" is a former C, just add a little stroke to it, and voila, it's a G)
linkage: Wiki4Games minimized version, for sigatures

About new banner

I'm not sure if I'm gonna create a new banner (Heh.. returned to this page for the first time since ages and realised that the actual banners are.. well... shit )
I'll have to take some time somewhen at the weekends and make a concept.

Edit 1: okay, I made a first version of it, might be a bit too big (simplified, no useless gradients, not overwhelming, transparent background)
simplified version of a banner

Adding commmand to embed xfire videos

look at project:adding syntax EmbedVideo.php

About creating pages

If you are clueless of how to create a page, here is the template page so you don't have to type everything again and again if you're creating several pages: Newpage Template
If you found some cheat codes for console versions of a game but need the button symbols, just go to this page: Controller Button Templates