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[edit] About me

Well hello there dear Sir or Madam, my name is Virab ( mostly called Yarry or Vira), I am 17 years old
and I'm currently attending the technical college of higher education in Pinkafeld. (HTL Pinkafeld)

1st class

2nd class

3rd class

>>4th class<<

final class

[edit] How did you get here?

This all started with Wolfenstein ET and the Wiki4Games server (former Zengamers) on which I started a clan called "[Zen]"
so the server would have its own little group of people being around the server and watching the people so the cheating and sweaing remains on a low level
and yeah... went well for a while until [Zen] had a Fusion with PartyCafe (*PC*) . At that point we lost a lot of people as David closed the Wiki4Games servers
and after more and more people went and the game turned boring or unattractive to some many fellas the clan's name went back to PartyCafe.
David supported *PC* through rewaking the Wolfenstein server but the player count was very low at that time so sadly it had to be closed again
several months later.

[edit] Help page

currently working on :Help page (gonna continue that when I get some time.)

[edit] (unofficial) banner work

Old Banner New Banner (outdated)
old wiki4games

this one is made in Paint.NET, even without any layers >.<
the original logo was used on this one
fonts used in it: Pricedown.ttf

new wiki4games

made in Photoshop, with layers
this one was a self made logo
fonts: Pricedown.ttf,Myrad Pro.ttf (the "G" of "Games" is a former C, just add a little stroke to it, and voila, it's a G)
linkage: Wiki4Games minimized version, for sigatures

[edit] About new banner

I'm not sure if I'm gonna create a new banner (Heh.. returned to this page for the first time since ages and realised that the actual banners are.. well... shit )
I'll have to take some time somewhen at the weekends and make a concept.

Edit 1: okay, I made a first version of it, might be a bit too big (simplified, no useless gradients, not overwhelming, transparent background)
simplified version of a banner

[edit] Adding commmand to embed xfire videos

look at project:adding syntax EmbedVideo.php

[edit] About creating pages

If you are clueless of how to create a page, here is the template page so you don't have to type everything again and again if you're creating several pages: Newpage Template
If you found some cheat codes for console versions of a game but need the button symbols, just go to this page: Controller Button Templates

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