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Powered by Linux.png

This site runs on a Linux operating system.

Powered by Apache.png

We use Apache HTTP server, as do more than half web servers in the world according to Netcraft's June 2010 Web Server Survey.

PHP elephpant logo.png Powered by MediaWiki.png Powered by MySQL.png

Wiki4Games is directly powered by MediaWiki, which then uses the PHP language and a MySQL database server.

ProFTPD logo.png OpenSSH logo.png Webmin logo.png

When wget can't be used, files are uploaded to the server through ProFTPD. Server administration is usually made using OpenSSH, but Webmin helps a lot too.

Piwik logo.png

And to see where thou art, where thou goest and where thou dost not, where from thou comest and where to thou leavest, we use Piwik.

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