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[edit] 1.1-x

  • Better explanation for $path_to_w4g_rb in config.php

[edit] 1.1-b1

  • Proper plural handling
  • Introduced $w4g_rb_rating_max, $w4g_rb_rating_decimals, $w4g_rb_bar_styles and $w4g_rb_min_vote_count parameters
  • Added a star-based rating system

[edit] 1.1-dev2

  • Fixed missing style output in render_w4g_ratinglist
  • Fixed $unique_check='both' bug reported on MW by Jonem
  • Fixed doqueries line 130 and 132 warnings (in the "// Display the new vote" block, $query2 and $query3 weren't always defined)
  • Fixed doqueries line 76's warning (mysql_fetch_array($query3) in a place where $query3 isn't always defined)
  • Fixed bad behavior when $table_prefix=='' (discovered thanks to Redekopmark)
  • Removed hardcoded path (thanks Mathsinger for the bug report) => introduced the $path_to_w4g_rb parameter

[edit] 1.0-rc1

  • First release
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