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Userboxes are small templates that are meant to be added on user pages to show the user's interests, preferences, skills... All userboxes are listed in Category:Userboxes.

For a better (and easier!) layout, userboxes can be placed between the {{Userboxtop}} and {{Userboxbottom}} templates. It's also possible to split them into groups, by using the {{Userboxbreak|[section title]}} template.

[edit] Example

The following syntax:

{{UB DOS}}
{{UB Firefox}}
{{UB Opera}}
{{UB MSIE|6}}
{{UB PlayStation|3}}
{{UB Xbox|360}}
{{UB Wii}}

Will output:

C:\_ This user uses DOS.
(or knows how to use it.)
Firefox This user contributes using Mozilla Firefox.
This user contributes using Opera.
IE This user contributes using
Internet Explorer 6.
PlayStation This user owns a PlayStation 3.
Xbox 360 This user owns an Xbox 360.
Wii This user owns a Wii.
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