Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Developer(s) Splash Damage
Publisher(s) Activision
License Freeware
Engine id Tech 3
Version 2.60b (2.60d for Mac)
Platform(s) Linux, Mac (Universal), Windows
Release date 2003-03-29
Genre(s) First-person shooter
Mode(s) Multiplayer, Single player (using bot mods)
Rating(s) ESRB: Mature (M)
Media Internet download
System requirements 600 MHz CPU, 128 MiB RAM, 32 MiB OpenGL graphics card, 56.6k Modem
Input methods Keyboard + Mouse

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (WET) is a free multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) set during World War 2. The source code for the game logic was released in 2004[1], allowing the development of many mods.


[edit] Downloads

[edit] Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory installation files

All files can be downloaded from the idsoftware FTP, here:

NB: make sure you download and install the patches up to the latest version, for older version contain bugs and security breaches.

Alternative download links for Windows:

[edit] Tools

A major annoyance is the impossibility to minimize the game window. On Windows, this can be fixed using a utility called etmin (Enemy Territory Minimizer). You can download it here: etmin (more info).

[edit] Mods

Not many servers run the original, unmodded game. The most commonly used mods are ETpro, Jaymod, ETpub and No Quarter[2]. The main total conversion of WET is TrueCombat:Elite.

[edit] ETPro

ETPro is a close-source mod specifically targeted at competition play. It is currently by far the most used mod (1800/3897 servers[2]). Its development stopped in mid-2006 (the latest version was released on 2006-09-18).

[edit] Jaymod

Jaymod is a close-source mod. It adds Molotov Cocktail weapon and other fun oriented gameplay. It's currently the second most used mod (590/3897 servers[2]). Its development seems to have halted during 2008 or earlier[3]. The latest stable version is 2.0.6 released on 10 April 2007[4], the latest beta version is 2.1.7 released on 4 September 2007[4]. A nightly version of Jaymod 2.1.8 has been released, the last one being the 25/01/2008 version. It could be find there : Wolfmap.de Jaymod 2.1.8 (Beta) download.

[edit] ETPub

ETPub is an open-source mod, originally targeted at giving better server-side configuration options. It's currently the third most used mod (475/3897 servers[2]), although it's development stopped in summer 2007, when the source code repository (http://www.linespeed.net/projects/etpub/) went down. The latest stable release is version 0.8.1, released on 9 August 2007[5], but various semi-official nightlies and releases are still being posted on their forums[6].

[edit] No Quarter

No Quarter is an open-source mod, targeted at fun gameplay with many weapon additions (added bazooka, "venom", which is an imaginary hand weapon looking like a heavy MG...) and fun improvements (camera on rockets and mortar shells...). It was originally close source, and became open source in September 2007 when development slowed down[7]. It's currently the fourth most used mod (407/3897 servers[2]). The latest stable release is version 1.2.5, released on 25 August 2009[8].

[edit] TrueCombat:Elite

TrueCombat:Elite is a close-source total conversion. It takes place in the modern world and focus on bringing a realistic gameplay. Although officially still in development, no updates have been made since 2007-01-02, when the current 0.49b version was released[9], and most download servers are down. 182 servers currently run this mod[2].

[edit] Screenshots

[edit] Videos

[edit] Introduction cinematic

[edit] Gameplay (No Quarter mod)

[edit] References

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